Hello and welcome!

Little old me. No filter!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by (even if it was by accident). My name is Slón (pronounced like Sloan, but spelled weird—a fact I thank my parents for on a frequent basis). I used to blog years and years ago, but Google+ ate 7 years of photos and I lost my passion for it. After living through 2020, and the colossal crapfest that it was, including a bout of COVID-19, I decided I needed to get my ass in gear and get back to the world of blogging. Why, you might be wondering? Well, mostly to stave off boredom, find some focus, and make myself accountable. Accountable? Yes, accountable. I found that if I have readers who count on me and will say “hey, remember when you said…” motivates me to follow through. So please, remind me when I don’t do something, okay?

What will I write about? Um, everything? My life as a military spouse, the mom of an adult teen, a tween, our new house (moving Jan 2021!), and the projects we have planned, having my mom and stepdad live in an in-law suite (one of the aforementioned projects), my small craft business, tiaras (I have several and I like to wear them when I do stuff around the house), high heels, journaling tips, organizing and cleaning (hahahaha—just typing that made me snort), our dogs, our turtles (yes, we have turtles as pets), my never ending obsession with Stargate, my undying adoration for Baby Yoda (yes, I know his name is Grogu, but he will always be Baby Yoda to me), my love of tangents and random thoughts/trivia (and parenthetical comments), books I read, plays I (hopefully) will see, trips I take with my fangirl friends (again, hopefully in the near future), maybe a bit of golf, and whatever else pops into my mind.

I hope you stick around. I love getting to know readers and other bloggers.


PS: Why is 73 in my blog title? Because the adayinthelife was already taken, and 1973 is the year I was born, so it was easy to remember. Now you know how old I am!

4 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. I am so happy to see you again. I followed your blog when it was active, and when it suddenly went dark I was worried that something had happened. Seeing you back online is a wonderful Christmas surprise. I’ll look forward to reading updates on the boys. Seems impossible that they could be teenagers!


    • Hi! Thanks for popping over! Our lives aren’t quite as exciting as they were back when we lived in Europe, but it’s still pretty great! Yes, my oldest (known as Indy on my previous blog), is now 18, and a college Freshman! I can scarcely believe it myself! He’s studying history, which will likely surprise NO ONE, who read my old blog.
      Hopefully, I can keep you entertained! See you around!


  2. Slon, Welcome back to Blogland! Stacy gave you a shout out this morning reminding me of who you were previously and I thought I’d rally over here to show my support. It sounds like you have a lot planned in the new year. Every person I know is hoping for better days in 2021. We all need to get over this virus mess so we can move forward to bigger, better things, right? Have fun building new friendships and reacquainted yourself with old friends. Have a wonderful day!


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