We got our first real snow in over 2 years, today! We awoke to the gray blue light that indicates snow on the ground to find a winter wonderland all around us. To say we were excited would be an understatement. It’s supposed to snow all day! Huzzah!

Hot chocolate and sitting in front of the fireplace are on order before we head back out! We love snow!


February calendar freebie

How is February NEXT WEEK? Seriously, wasn’t it JUST Christmas? The days are slipping by so quickly. Since I had more than a few downloads of my January, Monday start calendars, I figured I’d keep making them for each month. Since it’s February, I went with the obvious, pink. Who doesn’t love pink for February? Enjoy!


Drowning in boxes!

I have been offline for a while, because we recently purchased a house, and I’ve been in the middle of moving. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to put it in boxes and move it from one place to the other. WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM?

Since the military usually takes care of our moves, I’ve never had to do much before now. I also never had to pay for it before now. Holy cow is moving expensive! I had no idea how much it cost! We only moved 11 miles and the cost was staggering. With all the stuff we have though, it was worth the money. Our movers were absolutely fantastic. They worked HARD. I made sure to feed and water them well. I didn’t want them collapsing from weakness or hunger while hauling our stuff around.

Our new house is HUGE and gorgeous and I love it so much! I don’t know that it will be our forever home, but I’m hoping for a good 10-15 years, minimum. I’ve never lived anywhere that long! I can also paint and decorate any way I want. The possibilities are endless! If only the budget was!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Now that all our stuff is moved, I feel like I’m drowning in boxes. They are stacked EVERYWHERE. Honestly, I feel like they’re multiplying in the night. For every box I unpack, I swear 2 more pop up.

I’m going to try to post more now that the bulk of the move is over, but if I’m MIA for a while, send help! I’m probably trapped under a box.


Family goals and freebie

Until we move into our new house (next week!) I won’t have much interesting to write, unless you want to hear me complain about packing and cleaning. I mean, I complain about it to myself and I’m tired of hearing about it, so I doubt you want to read about it.

So, since I have nothing to really write about, I thought I’d give you another free printable. This one is something to do with your kids, to help them feel a little more in control in this new year. The past 10 months have been difficult on everyone, but especially kids, who don’t really understand what’s going on. My 9yo helped me on this, and decided he wanted a comic book theme. Awesome! He also helped come up with some of the ideas for the panels.

You can print this off and let your kids color is with bright comic book colors or add drawings to the panels to illustrate the answers. For our word of the year, instead of asking him for just a word, or giving him a list of words to choose from, I asked what he wanted his life to be like for the year, then chose several words that gave an impression of his ideas. Some of the things he said he wanted 2021 to be were fun, exciting, have lots of laughter, opportunities for exploring, and back to normal. Well, that’s not a big list, is it? The last one really broke my heart. He wants life to just be “normal.” My poor love. Of all the words I gave him, the word bloom seemed to capture his attention the most. He asked what that meant and how it applied to him. I explained that like flowers, it meant growth for people, too. Like a plant growing in a crack in concrete, people can make the best of a situation, persevere, even when it seems impossible, and continue to grow. That really seemed to work for him, so our family word for the year is BLOOM. I like it.

We spent a good 30-45 minutes working on our goals and had fun doing it. He hasn’t colored it in yet, but plans to some time this week. I promised to watch. 😂 I hope you and your family can use this and spend some time thinking about what you want to get out of 2021.

Have a great day, everyone. I should go back to packing, but I think I’ll go to bed, instead.


What day do you start your week?

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing first weekend of 2021. We are (mostly). The dogs, Jack (Pomeranian) and Bella (Yorkie) went to the groomer, today, so it hasn’t been quite so relaxing for them. They look adorable, though, wouldn’t you agree?

This photo completely sums up their personalities. Jack is just happy to be anywhere, and Bella thinks he’s ridiculous.

Anyway, after many years of living in Europe, I got used to having calendars that started on Monday, unlike American calendars, which start on Sunday. Sunday is part of the weekEND, so why do our calendars start on Sunday? WHY? WHY??? I always make my journal calendars, and have my phone calendars set Monday start, so having a wall calendar that starts on Sunday is a bit of a pain. It makes me a bit crazy, TBH, because sometimes I get my days mixed up if I’m just doing a quick glance. Gah!

It’s so difficult to find a Monday start calendar, I simply make my own now, just to make it easier on myself. I thought I’d share a version with you, in case you would like to print your own.

I do a horizontal calendar in my journal, and may use a larger print version on my wall. I’m including a copy of that, too, in case you’re interested.

So, what’s your preference, Sunday or Monday start?