What day do you start your week?

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing first weekend of 2021. We are (mostly). The dogs, Jack (Pomeranian) and Bella (Yorkie) went to the groomer, today, so it hasn’t been quite so relaxing for them. They look adorable, though, wouldn’t you agree?

This photo completely sums up their personalities. Jack is just happy to be anywhere, and Bella thinks he’s ridiculous.

Anyway, after many years of living in Europe, I got used to having calendars that started on Monday, unlike American calendars, which start on Sunday. Sunday is part of the weekEND, so why do our calendars start on Sunday? WHY? WHY??? I always make my journal calendars, and have my phone calendars set Monday start, so having a wall calendar that starts on Sunday is a bit of a pain. It makes me a bit crazy, TBH, because sometimes I get my days mixed up if I’m just doing a quick glance. Gah!

It’s so difficult to find a Monday start calendar, I simply make my own now, just to make it easier on myself. I thought I’d share a version with you, in case you would like to print your own.

I do a horizontal calendar in my journal, and may use a larger print version on my wall. I’m including a copy of that, too, in case you’re interested.

So, what’s your preference, Sunday or Monday start?


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