March Calendars (Late)

I had this post all ready to go, and thought I posted it, but apparently I saved it to drafts instead! Oops! Sorry if you were looking for my calendars!

March is a busy month for us. In addition to St. Patrick’s Day, when we’re all a little Irish, March holds our anniversary (26 years, this year!), my birthday, and Big Boy’s girlfriend’s birthday. Little Boy’s birthday is a week after mine, in April, so I’m usually busy working on party stuff for him, which eclipses my birthday!
March has always been special to me, because it’s my birthday month (yes, I claim the whole month), but also because it’s the month when much of the Northern Hemisphere slowly starts to wake up from the long winter slumber. While my allergies are awful, so I can’t fully enjoy all the buds pushing their colorful way through the ground, I do love to look at them. Through a window. 😂

I’ve created 2 lovely calendars for the month. I hope you enjoy.


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