Random Thoughts Tuesday: Cherry blossoms (real and fake), tulips carrots, spring, and other stuff

Happy Tuesday! Look at me, posting 2 days in a row. I’m a wild woman.

If you’re not familiar with Random Thoughts Tuesday, it’s hosted by the convivial Stacey, of Stacy Uncorked.

Spring has sprung in the DC metro area and we are all on cherry blossom watch. Apparently they will be at peak bloom sometime next week. For those of you not familiar, in 1912, the Mayor of Tokyo gifted the US 3000 cherry trees. Mrs. Taft, then FLOTUS, and the wife of the Japanese Ambassador planted the first 2 saplings at the tidal basin. The rest were planted around the basin and in a few other areas of DC. Over the past 100+ years, the trees have grown and become an attraction all to themselves. DC holds a cherry blossom festival, and parking is more of a nightmare than usual. Every night on the news, in the weeks leading up to peak bloom, they give you info on the stages of the blossoms, and give you the “most recent” prediction for peak bloom. It’s all very interesting. I saw them in 2019 (remember the year that we all thought sucked, but now seems like a happier, simpler time?), the day after peak bloom. They were still stunning. The day was windy, so the petals fell like soft, fragrant, pink, snow.

-2019 Cherry Blossoms

The last craft workshop I taught before everything shut down last year was making cherry blossoms from napkins. It was a fun day, and I’m super happy to say that I will be teaching it again next week! We will all be socially distanced, masked, and taking al, the precautions required. There were only 6 slots available and they sold out! Woohoo! I love doing workshops! Many of the people who take them are 120% certain that they won’t be able to do it, and I get a thrill out watching how excited they get when they get it right. Yay! I have 4 different workshops coming up, and I am beyond thrilled. What do fake cherry blossoms look like? Well, since you asked:

This was the sample from last year! All napkins! These were bright, but the white and soft pink mix I makelooks surprisingly real.

Several years ago, on some blog (I can’t recall which), I saw a big carrot made from fake tulips, for the front door, and I have been DYING to do it since. Today, I decided was the day. I hauled my happy self to Michael’s, in my new car, Uma, found the supplies (and maaaaaany other things), came home, my wallet much lighter, and got to work. It shaped up BEAUTIFULLY, except…I ran out of tulips. D’oh! I only need one more tulip “bush” to complete it. Guess where I’ll be going tomorrow? Sigh. The following pics are some of the pile I started with, then what it looks like on the bottom. As soon as it’s finished, I’ll post another pic!

Oh, and this beauty, is Uma. She’s a 2021 WV Atlas SEL Premium, and I love her. Isn’t she gorgeous?

March is my favorite month of the year. When I was younger, it was just because of my birthday (this coming Sat!), but then I got married in March, so that made it even more lovely, but now I realize I love it because March holds promise. Flowers push their way out of the sleeping Earth, buds appear on trees, mornings and evenings are cool, afternoons are warm, without being hot, and more often than not, there’s a gentle breeze full of soft scents. March is a unique month, where those of us in the northern hemisphere come out of winter and embrace the possibilities.

One of my favorite quotes about March. Isn’t it lovely?

Look, I get that people like spring. *I* actually like spring, but I have terrible, terrible allergies, and I dread the upcoming weeks of pollen. Be kind to people with allergies. We can’t help the sneezing, watery eyes, and snotty general misery.

Many people have been working from home, or just home, for almost a full year now. Do you think our pets are wondering if we’re ever going to give them some peace and quiet? I mean, my dogs LOVE having everyone home, but sometimes I wonder if they don’t think, “OMG! Would you all just leave for an hour or two so I can get some proper sleep? I haven’t gotten a good 22 hours in a year!”

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. I hope you all have a lovely (allergy free) day. Click the button below to join Stacey and get random.

Stacy Uncorked


1 thought on “Random Thoughts Tuesday: Cherry blossoms (real and fake), tulips carrots, spring, and other stuff

  1. I never knew that about the cherry blossoms in DC! Learn something new every day! And I love watching all the cherry trees in our area suddenly burst with beauty! And your napkin cherry blossoms? I remember you posting about those last year and LOVE them!! And WooHoo! that you get to teach a workshop on them next week! You GO! Also love the ‘carrot’ wreath (would it be called a ‘wreath’?) and your shiny new car! So much to love about this post! 🙂 Thanks for joining in on the random! 😀


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