Hi there! What would you like to know? Everything? Well, that’s an awful lot. Let’s start with the basics! My name is Slón, and used to blog over at Mom in High Heels. I went offline in 2013, because I lost my love for it. My old blog is still up, though, if you’re interested!

I’ve been married to my husband since 1995 (I was a positive INFANT when we wed), and have been a military spouse since 1996. One day he’ll retire. ONE DAY! Together we have 2 boys who are 18 and 9 (he was a surprise!). We live in Northern Virginia (perilously close to DC).

I love to read, write, travel (you know, prepandemic), craft, decorate, DIY, and journal. I have many, many pairs of high heels and I wear them as often as possible (pretty much daily, if I leave the house).

I have a small craft business, Bent Grass Designs, where I make book, movie, TV, and music themed wreaths, cards, bookmarks, jewelry, and more. Much of it is made from library cast offs and old music. I love doing craft fairs, and hope to do more now that people are starting to get vaccinated. I teach some of my crafts at a small shop in Occoquan, VA.

I’m hoping to make some journaling freebies and other stuff, but we’ll have to see. I’m on a mission to become more organized and have a less cluttered life. Maybe I can take you on an organizing journey with me.

Just as a warning, I do like to curse, so you know…